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Consilium Law Business Agreement & Contract Drafting

Business agreements and contracts are essential to the operation of business. These types of agreements are entered any number of times each day as business owners, entrepreneurs and investors making deals and engaging in business transactions. It is because business agreements and contracts are legally binding that they form the very cornerstone upon which businesses operate. Without these agreements, one party could back out of a deal without consequence, leaving the other party to financial ruin.

Agreements exist in nearly every aspect of business. There are employment agreements, vendor agreements, agreements with customers or buyers, partnership agreements, etc. Without careful thought and planning as to what exactly is the extent of these agreements, misunderstandings and miscommunications can lead to problems in business relationships and difficulties in business operations. If these problems escalate, they can have significant legal repercussions. A lot is at stake when you commit to a business agreement or contract, and a lot can go wrong if these agreements are not recorded or executed precisely.

As such, legal counsel should be brought in to negotiate, prepare and assist in executing these types of legal agreements. The experienced professionals at Consilium Law understand the importance that obtaining these agreements in the form of a physical document can have when it comes to protecting your business if dealings do not go according to plan.

Legally Binding Documents

Business agreements and contracts are legal documents that are used to detail the specifics of the agreement. They outline the terms that the parties have agreed upon, secure business relationships by ensuring that the parties will not back out of a deal or revoke their offer, and provide legal protection in the event that one party does go back on their word.

Business agreements and contracts for business purposes should always be made in writing, so that there is recorded proof of the terms of the agreement. The parties to the agreement should be clearly identified, the terms of the agreement should be clearly and simply spelled out in the document, including means of payment and terms of delivery. It is also important that the document contain prophylactic measures for dispute resolution, governing law provisions in the event that the contract or agreement ever becomes disputed, and any terms or circumstances that would result in the termination of the contract.

When You Need A Business Agreement Or Contract, We Can Help

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or investor, or you are just starting out with your new business venture, the value that a properly prepared and implemented business agreement or contract has for your business cannot be overstated. As a business law firm, we at Consilium Law work closely with our start-up, small business and foreign investor clients from a wide variety of industries to tailor terms for business agreements and contracts that are specific to our clients’ needs. We can also review agreements provided by your business contacts and prospective business relations before you enter into them to ensure that you are getting the fair and bargained for agreement that you think you are getting.

Business Savvy

“Consilium Law helped my startup with contract writing and review for a Terms of Service contract. Their team has excellent communication, their services are streamlined, with wonderful turn-around times, and best of all they are extremely cost-effective. I would surely recommend Consilium Law to any colleagues looking for a trustworthy and business savvy law firm!